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Daycare Deluxe

What is Daycare Deluxe? It is a combination between our current Daycare that you and your dog as come to know and love with one on one time with our staff to focus on a mental workout and a physical workout.

What is Daycare Deluxe?

Mental stimulation is just as important to our dogs as physical exercise. With that, we have been working hard on how we can add more mental stimulation to your dog's day with us. 

Our new Daycare option is to not only allow your dog to socialize with all their furiends but to also work with them mentally! We would like to introduce Deluxe Daycare! What is Deluxe Daycare? It is a combination of regular daycare that your pups have come to know and love with a mixture of one on one enrichment activities with our staff. Some of these activities include puzzle toys, West Paw Toppls, filling a pool with balls and treats, flirt pole, a solo walk, a game of fetch, and so much more! We cater each activity to your dog's own needs and likes. Does your dog have a food allergy? No problem! They will still be able to enjoy everything, we will either use treats that meet their dietary requirements or use their own food.

Deluxe Daycare will be offered Monday -Friday 9 am - 4 pm.

There will be 3 different options to choose from. They will be:

1. LOVER - Once or Twice a week - 2 Enrichment activities/day,  & 1 one on one Exercise activity (30 mins), Free nail trims

2. DEVOTED - Three or Four days a week - 2 Enrichment/day & 2 one on one Exercise activity (30 mins), free nail trims

3. OBSESSED - Five days a week - 2 enrichments/day, 2 one on one Exercise activity (30 mins), & learn/work on one basic command (sit, down, door manners, etc.), Free Bath & Tidy every week

*You are more than welcome to have your pup booked outside this time frame for drop off and pick ups. 


The pricing will be as follows:

  1. LOVER (1) - Once a week - $280/Month ($70/day)

  2. LOVER (2) - Twice a week - $560/Month ($70/day)

  3. DEVOTED (1)  - Three days a week - $780/Month ($65/day)

  4. DEVOTED (2) - Four days a week - $1040/Month ($65/day)

  5. OBSESSED - Five Days a Week - $1200/month ($60/day)


You can add Daycare Deluxe to your dogs Boarding stay. Currently it will only be offered Monday to Friday. We ask that you let us know at the at the time you book their boarding if you would like to add it to their stay. The cost would be $30/day.

*Spots will be limited. This is to ensure that we have enough time to give every dog their one on one attention.

*You must book & prepay a minimum of ONE month at a time. If you are unable to make one of your scheduled days you are more than welcome to switch it with a different day that week (if there is space) but if you are unable to make that week at all there will be no refund for the day(s) missed.

*Daycare Packages cannot be applied to Deluxe Daycare, however, if you want to trade your current Daycare Package to go towards the first month you can do that.

*Memberships will auto renewal monthly.

*All dogs must be currently attending daycare/boarding dogs. Re-evaluations are also still mandatory if your dog has not been here in 6 months or more.

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