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Dogs Day Out

Many Dogs

What is Dogs Day Out?

We will take a small group of dogs out for a walk in the Winkler Area Every Monday, Thursday & Friday Morning (weather permitting).

What are the benefits of this?

Going for a walk in a small group not only helps with socialization but also learn good behaviours from other dogs, they will get lots of exercise, experience new sights and smells and most importantly they are fun!!

We understand that every dog needs different tools when they go for a walk. We welcome all training tools you may use. If you walk your dog on a collar or harness we will provide a slip lead. This will ensure we no one gets out of their collars and that we have full control over everyone in the busy surroundings.

How do I sign up?

Daycare/Boarding clients are eligible to attend.

Email OR Call 204.325.9140 to sign up!  The deadline to sign up is 8 am the day of the walk. Our Waiver must be signed prior to the walk.

Why do we only take current daycare and boarding dogs?

It is important that we are familiar with any and all dogs that are attending the walk to ensure that they run as smoothly as possible. It becomes difficult to walk a dog if we are unsure of their personality, behaviour on a leash and how they are with other dogs.

If your dog is leash reactive to the point that they're lunging at passing cars, people, other dogs, etc, we will not be able to have them join. 

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