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Let's Talk Evaluations

We require all Dogs that have not been to our Facility to come in for an Evaluation. Dogs that have not been back in 6 months or longer also require a re-evaluation.

If your dog has previously been to or is currently attending another daycare they are still required to come in for an evaluation.

Why an Evaluation is Required

A Daycare environment can be a very fast-paced and excitable environment. Not all dogs do well and that is okay. Your dog can get along with every dog he/she meets but becomes scared and anxious at Daycare. 

An Evaluation is like a meet and greet. We observe how your dog does with staff, other dogs, and in a kennel. Some of the things we observe are:

  • What does your dog do when another dog approaches him/her? Do they run away? Turn to smell? Sit Down? Growl? Snap?

  • How does your dog approach another dog? Are they stiff? Do their hackles go up?

  • What is their body langue like around other dogs? Loose and bouncy or stiff and unsure?

  • How do they respond to being kenneled? Are they loud? Are they destructive?

Dogs that show any signs of reactivity and aggression will be turned away for daycare and boarding as we have a zero aggression and reactivity policy. Overly anxious dogs may also be turned away.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

  • Daycare and boarding days can not be booked on the same day as the evaluation. If you want to have your dog stay with us please make sure to book an evaluation in advance!

  • If you are more than 10 minutes late to your dog's evaluation the appointment is automatically cancelled and you will need to re-schedule

  • All dogs MUST come for 1 Full Day of Daycare prior to any boarding.

**There is no option to keep your dog in a kennel during a stay if your dog has failed the evaluation due to aggression, reactivity or extreme anxiety**

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