We are excited to be able to offer this service to our clients. Our full groom includes bath, fluff dry, nails trimmed and filed, ears cleaned, and a custom or breed-specific trim.

     We kindly ask you to bring in pictures of what you would like or leave very detailed instructions to ensure we give you the cut you want. There will be a questionnaire for you to fill out at pick up. This is to ensure you are satisfied and the groom is up to your standards. Our grooming wants feedback to see what everyone likes and where she can improve. 


Small (up to 15lbs)                                                 $65+

Medium (20-45lbs)                                                 $80+

Large (50-70lbs)                                                     $95+

Extra Large (75-95lbs)                                          $105+

Giant (100+lbs)                                                       $115+

Demat Fee                                                      $5/10mins

Butt, Face, and Feet Only                                       $20

*Additional fees may apply due to coat condition (matting or excessive shedding), temperament, special handling (difficult dogs)