This includes getting their nails clipped and filed, ears cleaned, and a bath with our specialty shampoos. They will be hand blow-dried, and fully brushed out. 
You can also request their paws, belly, and back end tidied up.

     We have a wide selection of shampoos that are all-natural so we can find what suits best for your dog's skin and coat type.

Small dogs(up to 15lbs) - $25+
Medium dogs(up to 20lbs-45lbs) - $40+
Large dogs(up to 50lbs-70lbs) - $50+
X-Large dogs(75lbs- 95lbs) - $65+
Giant dogs(100 lb and up) - $ 80+

Additional Services:

Nail Trims-$10

Deep Condition-$5

Sanitary Trim- $5

Blow Out's - $15/30 mins

If you would like us to brush your dogs in between baths just ask and depending on coat condition we will discuss the cost.

Depending on the breed, coat type, coat condition upon arrival, and duration, prices may vary.

Bath and Tidy: