Daycare FAQ

What time can I drop off/pickup?
You can drop off and pick up anytime between 6 AM-10 PM. Any pickups after 10 PM would be considered a boarding stay costing you $33 instead of $23

How do I enroll my dog for daycare?
All you have to do is provide us with a copy of your dog up to date Rabies, Parvo, and Distemper vaccines. As well as fill out our membership form, sign our release form, and read/complete our boarding cancellation policy form.

Do you have multiple dog/family pricing?
We offer multiple dog/family pricing for our Monthly Clients. Click to view packages!

What does my dog do all day at daycare?
Most dogs find a special friend to play with all day but some are happy keeping to themselves and having a nap or cuddling up to a staff member. Toys are offered sometimes if the group of dogs we have on that day are ok with sharing, we will remove toys to avoid conflict between dogs if we need to.

Why can’t I watch my dog in daycare like most other places?
Good question! If an owner or stranger comes in and stands at our gate it can cause our pack of dogs to get too excited creating an unbalance in the pack which usually leads to excessive barking which can trigger a fight.

Do I need to make a reservation for my dog to attend daycare?
A reservation is recommended in case we are fully booked for the day. We do have a set staff = dog ratio that we abide by to keep everyone safe. We understand that last-minute plans happen but please call before you come to ensure that we can care for your dog.

Is your daycare supervised?
Our facility is supervised 24/7

Can you feed my dog while they are in your care?
You betcha! Please bring your dog's meal in a labeled container/bag and make sure to let one of our staff know when you would like your dog to be fed.

Can you administer medication to my dog while they are in your care?

What if my dog is being a trouble maker in daycare?
Our staff is trained to recognize any behavior issues and correct their behavior if necessary. If we notice that daycare is not the appropriate environment for your dog we will let you know and discuss different options to set your dog up for success. In extreme situations, we may request your dog to not return to our facility.

Will daycare help my dog if he is nervous and shy?
If we take things slowly we can usually help nervous/shy dogs become more comfortable but that isn’t always the case.

Do all dogs enjoy daycare?
No. Dogs are very social animals but they don’t always get along. There are however dogs that find being around lots of other dogs overwhelming. Some dogs like to play rough with one another and some like to laze around and just hang out. We will rotate different dogs in and out of the daycare throughout the day to match up the personalities to suit each other well.

Do you provide water throughout the day?
Of course! We always have fresh water out for everyone in the building.

Why did my dog come home thirsty?
Some dogs don’t enjoy drinking out of communal water bowls and some are too busy to take the time for a water break but we ensure you that water is always readily available for your pups!

What are the benefits of a mixed dog environment?

There are so many benefits of a mixed dog environment. Including proper socialization, confidence, manners, less destructive behaviors, learning communication and respect among other dogs, and much more!

Do you have an aggression policy?
Definitely. We have a zero aggression policy! We are always willing to work with a dog and its owner(s), we keep our lines of communication open and offer solutions if we can, but if your dog is a danger to us or other dogs it will not be allowed back into our facility. If you are aware of any concerns in regards to handling your dog, or reactive behavior, Please make staff aware.

We have the right to permanently or temporarily remove your dog from the daycare at any time. Banning from the Winkler Collar Club can take place if we see any signs of unprovoked bad behavior.

Are there any risks to a mixed dog environment?
Unfortunately yes. When dealing with animals there is always a chance that something can happen. With careful screening, supervision, and monitoring we try and prevent anything from ever happening to our clients but we cannot guarantee anything. Dogs like to play with their paws and mouths so scrapes/nicks are a possibility. We try and keep roughhousing down to a minimum by keeping the dogs in our daycare calm. If we notice anything we will always inform you when you pick up and if it’s something more serious we will call you and your dog will be taken directly to the vet no questions asked.

What vaccinations are required for my dog to attend your daycare?
All dogs attending daycare must be show proof of vaccinations for parvovirus, distemper, and rabies. Proof of titer is accepted in lieu of vaccinations.

Do you have a spay/neuter policy?
We assess each dog according to its behavior. If your dog isn’t suitable for our social environment we will let you know. Females in heat are absolutely not allowed to socialize with our pack of dogs.